Event painting


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr Seuss

Some moments in this life will be burned on our hearts forever. We will come back to them time and time again, wishing we could do them over. They are the moments that remind us how good this life really is. 


Wedding Painting 

Wedding days are precious days. A wedding is the beginning of a new journey for a family. Often these days are filled with the most loved ones in one place at one time that will never be replicated. They are full of love and joy and celebrating. They are also fast as lightning. A blur. 

I forgot to eat at my wedding. Too many people to hug and dance with. 

I would love to help capture your day with paint and canvas. I will give you something that can hang on your walls to take you back to your favorite day on a regular ole Tuesday at home in your everyday life. Plus its fun to watch it come alive during your reception.  

Are you dreaming of another moment you want to be remembered? I'd love to dream with you. Whether it is a corporate event or a house party, lets chat.